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8-17-2021 HenRose Cares purchased Alexianna laptop.

In the fall I will be a freshman attending Georgia State University. I would appreciate any donations toward my laptop fund. 

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by HenRose Cares

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HenRose Cares

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My name is Alexianna and I’m an incoming freshman at Georgia State University! I’m a biology major on the pre-med track, studying to become a neonatologist. As we all know attending college can cost a pretty penny, I live in a single parent household, as well as being a first-generation immigrant with 2 other siblings who are all in school so help from my parent isn’t really possible. Since my early teens I’ve experienced a lot of financial hardships, homelessness being the main one, hopefully things will be different from here on out. I’m looking for assistance in getting a laptop. Anything is appreciated.

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Anonymous $15.53 August 03, 2021
Tanisha Luckett $10.35 July 28, 2021