In high school, everyone told me to go to college including my grandparents, Henry and Rosie Dobbins. They told me to get as much education as I could to secure my future and that I did. Years after graduation, I’ve been able to invest, buy a home and even start a family. Sadly, this isn’t the case for many of us. The truth is, students from underserved communities are sold the dream of college but nothing prepares them for being placed in the real world with nothing but a meal card to survive.

Knowing this, my grandfather did what he could to help before I was off to school. Having suffered a stroke 2 weeks prior, he was laying down paralyzed on one side when he asked my grandmother to reach in his wallet and give me $50. That $50 meant the world to me. Once I began life as a college student, I began to see that it was common for students to take out loans, not to cover tuition, but basic necessities. This is why my grandfather gave $50. Not because he thought it was a lot of money, but because he knew I would need every penny I could get.

My grandfather wasn’t able to see me graduate, but along with my grandmother, left me with real life examples of what it means to give back. In honor of their legacies, I am proud to announce HenRose Cares.

Now is the chance for us to rally behind this generation like my grandparents, parents and other family/friends did for me. When a lot of people give a little, we can make some major waves! For every laptop, full tank of gas, week worth of groceries we can buy, we’re saving our future from having to take an unnecessary trip to the financial aid office.

Please support a student’s needs. Whether it’s $5, $10 or $50, your donation can help a student not only get TO college but get THROUGH college.


Tanisha Luckett