Taylor D. Tarrant County College aspiring nurse needs help with tuition and books.

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My overall dream goal includes receiving a master’s degree in nursing and later pursuing a nurse practitioner license. Right now I’m attending Tarrant County College to get my associates in nursing.  Currently I am working a part-time job, and I am a single mother of one daughter. I receive emotional support from my family in order to stay driven and remain focused. As a single mother of one daughter, and only receiving minimal wage of 2.92 an hour, I would love to worry less about the cost of a class or a textbook. Lately I have been applying my nursing skills while taking care of my grandmother. She is currently 90 years old and she stays by herself. I assist her with reminders with medication, cooking, cleaning the house, and putting her into the bed . I had fell on hard times during this pandemic. These hard times included facing eviction and losing my job. As I was going through this tough time, I had to learn modern technology and transition from classroom to remote learning at home. Along with a new transition I had to split my time in half to focus on finding solutions for my problems and study at the same time. I need help paying the rest of my tuition balance of $120 and I’m in need of a book that cost $162.


11/20/2020 – Tuition payment of $120 applied directly to the community college. Thank you for helping our scholar. Mission accomplished!  

10/26/2020 – Book purchased and shipped to student. The amount raised was a few dollars short, but our organization (Henrose Cares) covered the rest. Goal updated to $260.