Amber M Tuskegee Senior help with tuition and laptop

Greetings. I am a senior at Tuskegee University. My parents usually pay my out of pocket tuition but I have been paying my balance by myself and as a college student during a pandemic this is a huge challenge. I have a small support system, usually just my parents and I helping out financially with school. I recently broke my laptop so I take trips to the library often and this is also a hassle during Covid-19 restrictions. I am a great student and I am heavily involved on my campus, participating in organizations and doing community service. Any donation to my HenRose Cares fund will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


2/4/2021 – Your contributions of $434 helped us pay off her balance at University of Alabama at Birmingham. HenRose Cares covered the $139 shortage. 

1/15/2021 – Tuition payment of $71.50 paid directly to Tuskegee. 

1/11/2021 – Your contributions of $230 helped us get a laptop for this scholar. HenRose Cares covered the additional amount needed for the laptop. Goal amount needed updated. $71.50 Tuskegee tuition and $573 needed to pay University of Alabama at Birmingham so her credits can transfer over to Tuskegee. This will help her stay on track with graduating in December and avoid her having to take the same class at Tuskegee.