R.Webber Adrian College Junior impacted by COVID-19

I am a rising junior at Adrian College majoring in Biology on a Premedical track. I am a first generation college student from St. Louis Missouri. Completing my college education and receiving my degree means everything to me. Financially attending college has been a struggle these past two years as my mom has been paying my tuition, on top of my younger brother’s medical bills, however she was recently laid off and is currently unemployed. My mom is a single parent with a child in college and a child with special needs, either one alone is a lot of stress but together is a double whammy. My brother’s current diagnoses are cerebral palsy, autism, chronic lung disease, and sensory processing disorder. For the past two years I have had a work-study job in my campuses Theatre Department as well as a part-time job at Panera Bread. COVID-19 has affected both of those jobs, as we can no longer put on plays or build sets. I received an email stating that my position had been dissolved and they currently do not have another position available for me. I have also not been able to work this summer due to my brother being immunocompromised at risk of exposing him. This has put me in a predicament as 100% of my work-study income went towards my tuition and my Panera income was designated for my books and other school expenses. Being able to crowd fund my needs will have an extraordinary impact on my education; as it would give us financial breathing room.  I would have time to focus solely on my education. It will allow my mom the capacity to focus solely on my brother. Not being able to work this summer put me at a disadvantage as I was not able to save for this upcoming school year; any support given to me would be greatly appreciated. I specifically need help with funding my tuition, books, a tablet, and school supplies. I have a tuition balance of $230.50, books $220.36. I need a laptop and supplies. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


10/29/2020 – Laptop purchased! We had $245 remaining in her campaign and our organization was able to fund the rest of the money needed to get her laptop. Thank you for your support. 

9/4/2020 – Thanks to your support we were able to purchase a $150 gift card from Adrian bookstore. She was able to find a e-book for a cheaper price. Any future donations will go towards her laptop and supplies.

8/22/2020 – Thanks to your support Henrose Cares was able to pay the tuition balance of $230.50 to Adrian College. Please continue to support this student so we can get her book, laptop and supplies.