T.Polk Adrian College Junior needs help with past due balance

“I attend Adrian College as a Junior studying Math Elementary Education. I am a first generation student from Warren, Michigan. Being the first girl to go to college in my family means a lot to me because I’m setting an example for my little sister. My mom is a bus driver so during this pandemic she wasn’t able to work and she still isn’t working. Going to school is my pride and joy, being able to set an example to my younger siblings and cousins that they can do anything they set their mind to. Financially going to school has been hard for the last two years my mom has been paying my tuition along with making sure my brother and sister have food, the things my  siblings need, and making sure bills are paid. I have had an on campus job for the last two years. The checks I get from my on campus job goes straight to my tuition. Right now, I’m two months behind and need to pay $2,275.74. I do need a laptop as well but want to focus on getting my tuition paid.”


12/9/2020 – This student received some additional financial aid which brought her balance down to $1,801. $543.34 was raised and thanks to a private donor HenRose Cares will be covering the remaining balance. When she came to us she also needed a laptop, but our focus was on getting her past due balance paid. HenRose Cares will also be providing her a laptop. Thank you to every donor that donated to this scholar!