J.Johnson SEMO Freshman needs laptop and help with tuition

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I know that I’m not the only person who my mom cares for. I have two younger sisters who my mom provides for. I cannot ask her to take away experiences, stability, and memories from them all at my expense. I want to go to college and have a successful life, without depriving the rest of my family from living their life. As the oldest, I had to learn at a very young age to care for others around me. With this passion for kids and caring for others, I want to go into a career where I can do just that. For me to achieve my goals, college is the way. I want to continue my education and become something great, but my mom and I can’t afford to do it on our own. I have a $4,158 tuition balance which is $831.60 a month and I need a laptop for school.


12/8/2020 – Student received some additional financial aid that took care of her balance. HenRose Cares used the $419.84 in her fund and made up the difference to get her a laptop. Thank you to the over 70 donors who donated to this scholar! 

10/1/2020 – Second tuition payment was made.

8/21/2020 – Henrose Cares paid $1,039.50 to Southeast Missouri State University. Due to the payment being after 8/3(the initial due date) the student had to enroll in a 4 month installment payment plan, which changed the monthly payment to 1,039.50. Thanks to your support we took care of the payment that was due on 9/1. We also paid the $30 payment installment enrollment fee.  The rest of the funds in the queue at the moment will go towards a laptop and the payment due on 10/1.