Kayli J. Xavier LA sophomore in need of laptop



I am a sophomore at the illustrious Xavier University of Louisiana. I major in Biology Pre-Medicine in hopes of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. Financially I’ve had hardships with trying to pursue my degree, with my mom being the only person who helps me get through college with payments and having to pull out loans over these two years. During this year it has been extra hard, with my mom being a Cosmetologist and trying to work during the pandemic. For months she was out of work with only unemployment checks while still taking care of the household dues and trying to keep me and my three little brothers afloat. When being sent home from school during COVID it was hard for me to get back into my job at CVS Pharmacy because they had cut hours. Since I have been home I have been trying to work and do my classes online to help but I don’t work as much due to me focusing more on school. It has been a hard time getting back to campus, especially since my mom has gotten COVID and her not being able to work again to get back on her feet. With everything that has taken place over the past months, I would be greatly appreciative of anything that God puts on your heart to bless me so I can get me a laptop for my classes.


12/2/2020 – $338 was raised and HenRose Cares will cover the rest to get this scholar laptop. Thank you for helping us help this scholar!